February 11

Marijuana Paraphernalia Possession No Longer a Crime in Maryland

Though Initiative 71 legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana back in 2014, the voter-approved ballot initiative did not have any effect on possession of marijuana paraphernalia, an oversight that was only recently rectified when the General Assembly overturned five of Governor Larry Hogan’s vetoes on Thursday. As a result, a bill will go into.

February 8

Changes in Maryland DNA Evidence Handling: What You Should Know

Changes in Maryland DNA Evidence Handling: What You Should Know It’s hard to overstate the persuasive weight DNA evidence can hold in modern criminal cases. If you judge solely from the most popular criminal law dramas, you might think DNA evidence is a courtroom requirement. Hollywood exaggerations aside, the full ramifications of DNA sample-taking are.

January 20

Initiative 71 and Marijuana Legalization

Many D.C. residents were excited last year when Initiative 71 was passed in November, legalizing the limited possession and cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 and older. However, since Initiative 71 survived congressional review, there has been ample confusion surrounding how citizens can enjoy marijuana for personal use under the limits of the new law..

January 19

Firearms and Weapons in D.C.

According to a recent report, Washington D.C. spends more per capita on its police force than any other city in the U.S., despite ranking dead last in terms of its crime rate. In 2015, D.C.’s homicide rate spiked up to 61 per cent from 2014. Illegal guns and weapons are responsible for the majority of.

December 15

D.C. DUI Arrests Recover from Summer Breath Test Machine Shortage

For the first time since July of this year, DUI cases are no longer being held up due to a shortage of breath test machines. Police were left for months with only one breath test machine in use for the entire Fourth District after the sole supervisor in charge of calibrating the machines resigned. During.

December 15

Do You Know the Consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in DC?

One thing important to realize when driving in D.C. is that the District of Columbia is a “zero tolerance” zone* when it comes to driving under the influence of drugs. “Drugs” can be over-the-counter medication, prescribed medication, or illicit substances. DUI or DWI offenses can result in harsh punishment if you don’t prepare yourself with.

December 15

What Not To Do When Stopped for DUI

Being stopped by the police is stressful, and people under stress don’t always make the best decisions. Case in point: a man in Iowa City this year tried to evade DUI charges by chowing down on toilet paper. According to Iowa City Police, the man had been driving the wrong way down a one-way street.